Eric Meyer on Floats | August 27, 2003

Eric Meyer has written an interesting article outlining a problem people often have with floats. Eric explains that in actual fact it's not a bug but the way floats are intended to work, and offers some useful solutions get round this issue.

Posted at August 27, 2003 8:09 PM


Chris Ilias said on August 28, 2003 7:07 AM

I read your post about this problem several days ago. Coincidentally, I have been working on a redesign of my site using floats, and I didn’t understand their behavior with regard to document flow until reading Eric’s post and yours.

In my design, the container wrapped around the floated content in both IE6/Win and Opera7/Win but behaved the way it was supposed to in Mozilla Firebird. Without fully understanding the use of a block element and the clear property to force the container to wrap, I set the container’s overflow property to “auto.” In Mozilla Firebird, this change fixed the layout, and my container wrapped around the floated elements as I intended.

I was afraid of not adhering to specification correctly (because I hadn’t studied it too thoroughly), but it did indeed work for my layout. Given your recent thoughts on the matter, I decided to share what I discovered. What do you think?