Intro to Flash SkillSwap | August 19, 2003

I've just come back from the latest SkillSwap event, and I have to say it went very well. Pete Barr-Watson of pixelfury gave an excellent "Introduction to Flash" talk and even I learnt a couple of new tricks.

For instance, when using the rectangle tool, If you click and drag to create a new shape, using the arrow keys before letting go of the mouse button will change the corner radius. Very neat. Pete also gave a very quick insight into how people like Kerb (the company Pete co-founded) create their great looking manga-esque characters using very simple shading techniques. For more info Pete wrote a recent article about the subject in Computer Arts Magazine (although I don't think its on their website just yet).

Pete has already expressed an interest in doing a more advanced flash talk, something which I'm very keen on. Also at the end of the month we've got a Search Engine Optimization talk by local SEO expert Rosie Freshwater, which I'm personally looking forward to. SEO is still considered by many people as black magic, so am expecting it to be a very interresting and popular talk.

So it seems that the SkillSwap idea is starting to take off. People are finding the talks very useful and I'm getting lot's of positive feedback. There seems to be enough people interested in giving a talk to keep things going for a while, and the more talks we do, the more interest they generate. Basically the SkillSwap concept seems to have a lot of potential and is definitely something I could see happening in other towns/cities with a strong web design community. So if anybody is interested in running a SkillSwap event in your local community, please feel free to add a comment to that end or drop me a line.

Posted at August 19, 2003 12:45 AM