Just a Bit of Fun, or a Very Clever Search Engine Marketing Campaign? | August 12, 2003

Somebody posted this site to the bnm list today and my first impressions were that it was just a bit of a laugh. That's until Jamie pointed out the link to us page.

Now no site just designed as a bit of fun would go to the bother of having a linking policy. This is something you'd only do if you really wanted to rank in the search engines. Looking at the link code provided, you can see that this site really wants to rank well for the terms "Java and .NET Training". Examining the site in more detail you can see that the pages are stuffed full of search terms related to software developer training.

But why on earth would a spoof site want to go to all this trouble to rank highly for programming training search terms. Well if you look at the url, you'll see that the spoof site is actually in a sub directory of a real site. And what does the real site do? You got it, they are a software developer training company!

So it would seem that this funny little spoof site is actually a very clever search engine marketing plan to increase the ranking of the parent site, by increasing their link popularity.

And it seems to be working. If you so a search on Google for "java and .net training" they come up number 3 rd. A variety of similar searches all come up with top 3 ranking in Google.

Very clever.

Posted at August 12, 2003 10:51 PM


Bruce said on November 15, 2003 7:48 PM

Interesting. He just wants links and gets them. 116 links. No content.