More Safari Favelets/Bookmarklets | August 13, 2003

Here are some more Safari "safe" favelets/bookmarklets I use on occasion. To use the MT post one, you'll need to change the URL so it points to the version of MovableType running on your server. Also the last one I knocked up just now becasue I thought it would be more useful than just a plain wordcount for SEO.

I've actually got loads more favelets/bookmarklets but i don't use most of them. If you want more I just found this site today, and they have stacks, many of which work in Safari.

Posted at August 13, 2003 2:56 PM


Jesse Ruderman said on August 14, 2003 9:55 AM

I need someone to test all the bookmarklets on my site and tell me which work in Safari. Want to do it for me? I already have a Safari icon that matches my background, but I don’t have access to a Mac to test the bookmarklets.

Andy Budd said on August 14, 2003 7:53 PM

Well, with so many bookmarkletts it would take one person a really long time. I’ve done 3 pages for you, so if anybody wants to take up the mantle and do the rest?

Alternatively maybe you should contact a mac/safari list somewhere and collectively it shouldn’t take too long.

Anyway this should get you started.

search links - y
linked images - ?
linked pages - y
hide visited - n
int/ext links - y
open all links - y
open selected links - ?
target this window - y
target new windows - y
target new bg windows - n
target one new window - y
remove redirects - ?
hrefs as link text - y
full urls as link text - y

frmget - y
toggle checkboxes - y
next option - y
allow no option - n
remove maxlength - ?
enlarge textareas - n
show hiddens - y
undisable - ?
character count - y
view passwords - y
remember password - y/?

highlight - y
highlight regexp - y
zoom images in - y
zoom images out - y
zoom layout - y
view selection - n
clone document - ?/n
sort table - n
number rows - y
transpose tables - n
bullets to numbers - y
number lines - n
rot13 selection - n