Nice Blogs! | August 29, 2003

For all you folks that haven't come across hicksdesign it's well worth a visit. The site is a beautiful example of CSS based design and should provide inspiration to us all.

Poking around in my comments I also came across this little gem from Jeff Croft. It's still under construction (aren't most blogs though?) but is already high on my reccomendations list.

Both these blogs have a few things in common. First off they both make use of overflow: auto to create a scrolling "frame like" area for the content. Normally frames and their ilk bug me but in both these instances I feel they work really well.

Both blogs also make really nice use of colour. They both use a combination of orange and green. Hicks Design going for the fresh, natural look which Jeff Croft uses solid blocks of saturated colour to good effect. I find most blogs (including this one) tend to be a little on the plain side so it's good to see bloggers making more use of colour.

Lastly they typography on both sites is really nice. The titles are clear, the text is well spaced and generally the posts are very easy to read. It's a small thing, but so few bloggers seem to think about how to display their posts. Good clear typography can make a huge amount of difference.

I'm always on the lookout for nicely designed blogs and CSS based sites, so if you know any good ones that aren't already on my links page, please let me know in the comments below.

Posted at August 29, 2003 9:12 AM


Gabriel Mihalache said on August 29, 2003 1:03 PM is a good place to start looking.

Gabriel Mihalache said on August 29, 2003 1:04 PM is a good place to start looking.

Stéphane Curzi said on August 29, 2003 6:51 PM

Well, you can look at my page, I think it’s a little different than most. The blog isn’t up yet and I have a couple of things to change, it is still really a work in progress, even the text on the homepage was written very fast at the end of the night, I have to rework it a little bit.


Johan said on August 29, 2003 9:24 PM

I like these blogs as well, but one nasty problem with using overflow seems to be that the scroll wheel doesn’t work (Moz 1.4 W2000). Couldn’t test it in IE6 since Jeff Croft’s blog is showing up unstyled there.

Jeff Croft said on August 31, 2003 5:05 PM

Thanks so much, Andy! :)

Jon Hicks said on August 31, 2003 8:45 PM

Thanks Andy!! That was a nice suprise after my holiday! Shame I’ve just messed some of it up (halfway through an update).

Yeah, the scrollwheel thing is a real problem. In IE 6 it works if you’re hovering over the DIV, but most browsers don’t seem to support this. I haven’t even been able to find a javascript that will help. So I’ve added a basic stylesheet (called ‘diet’) so that folks have the option. Also there are those who hate little scrolling boxes, but you can’t please everyone…

Peter said on November 7, 2003 1:13 AM

Great comments guys. Peter FDA

John D said on December 21, 2003 5:58 AM

Good point!

Alexi said on January 5, 2004 2:25 AM

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Va skolka (How are you)?

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