Zeldman on Web Standards and Acessibility | August 6, 2003

Jeffrey Zeldman has just posted up his lecture notes from his keynote speech on web standards at the recent web design world conference in the states.

The lecture is interesting on a professional level as it clearly outlines some of the benefits (and debunks some of the myths) of using web standards. Something all the web designers out there not using web standards should take note of.

However it's also cool on a personal level. After featuring the new message site I designed on zeldman.com, Jeffrey emailed me to ask If he could use the site in his keynote speech. Obviously I was flattered and said yes.

The message site was used as an example of a site that uses CSS without restricting creativity, along with such well known sites as the PGA Open Championship, the new QuarkXPress website and the experimental CSS Zen Garden.

He's also posted up the notes from his accessibility lecture at the same event. If you're new to the area of web accessibility this should give you a good heads up.

On the subject of accessibility, If you understand the basics but want some practical, you can download the lecture notes for the "Design for Accessibility" talk I gave at the first SkillSwap event.

Posted at August 6, 2003 10:40 AM