Google Redesigned | September 25, 2003

Continuing a common theme, Paul Scrivens has just created a standards compliant version of The nice thing about this redesign is the lack of redundant <div>'s, something Richard Rutter would be pleased with.

While on the subject, Paul's new site whitespace, is a great little blog and one I immediately added to my RSS feed when I came across it last week. Well worth a read.

Posted at September 25, 2003 12:04 PM


Egor Kloos said on September 25, 2003 3:28 PM

Agreed, Paul has a little gem of a blog.

BTW. Yours ain’t to shabby either!

Scrivs said on September 25, 2003 5:37 PM

Actually I knew I couldn’t create anything like you two have created so I bought this program called FrontPage and used the default template :)

Andy Budd said on September 25, 2003 6:45 PM

I assume that’s a joke, right?

Charles Stuart said on September 25, 2003 9:40 PM

the redesign cuts the character count from 3300 to 1500 (approx.).

didn’t look to see though in regards to any scripts google needs to have one there.

Scrivs said on September 26, 2003 3:14 AM

Complete joke. You actually think Frontpage would come up with code that clean? :)

Andy Budd said on September 26, 2003 12:15 PM

Phew, don’t scare me like that :-)

Egor Kloos said on September 26, 2003 2:08 PM

Still recovering from a slight heart attack. Paul don’t say such things, please. ;)

Bruce said on November 15, 2003 8:33 PM

The “standards compliant version” has a big css file. It is slower than real google. Also, it omits some style&script code.

Google don’t have to obey any web standard. It is a standard.

Letty said on January 7, 2004 7:10 AM

I think your website is wonderful!!!!