Combatting Junk Mail, Marketting Calls and Text Message Spam in the UK | November 8, 2003

I used to work as a freelance web designer and in order to get more business I registered with a number of services like the Yellow pages. However rather than bring any business in, all that happened was my address, land line and mobile number got added to every junk mail list and phone marketing list in the country. Since then I've received all kinds of get rich quick junk mail and phone calls from people trying to flog me cheaper electricity.

However a while ago a couple of services were launched in the UK to help stem the flow of these marketing nuisances. The Telephone Preference Service and the Mailing Preference Service allow you to register your phone and address details, and by law anybody in the UK using list of contact info has to make sure their lists are cleaned of anybody on these centralised "opt-out" lists.

So I've just signed up and hope to see a dramatic reduction in the junk mail and marketing phone calls I receive. Shame something similar wouldn't work with email spam.

Posted at November 8, 2003 12:10 PM


Stephen said on November 10, 2003 12:09 AM

I hope it works for you but if it doesn’t and you still get some telemarketing calls, you can have a bit of fun with it by using a Telemarketing Counterscript - see: :-)

pid said on November 10, 2003 12:04 PM,3605,1078579,00.html

read the bit at the bottom about MPS.

I got the application form sent through the post myself recently, and after re-reading it several times came to the conclusion that they were asking far too many demographic sensitive questions for my liking…

jez said on November 12, 2003 9:35 AM

Spam is annoying me to, but there is hope for all of us. If you live in the EU. I heard a while ago, they are thinking about bringing new legislation in which should ban spam in the EU. Horaah!