Interesting new CSS Zen Garden Design | November 7, 2003

The latest Zen Garden submission by Shaun Inman's is an absolute gem. Entitled This is Cereal, the design is full of wholesome breakfast goodness and is one of the most distinct designs I've seen on the garden so far.

Keep up the good work.

Posted at November 7, 2003 11:59 AM


Jon Hicks said on November 7, 2003 12:42 PM

I’m not doing anymore submissions - the stakes are too flippin’ high! Too much pressure!

justin said on November 7, 2003 12:42 PM

I couldn’t agree more Andy. A very unique entry indeed. It has been nice to see all the variations coming into the Garden, each with it’s own flava.

ray said on November 7, 2003 3:39 PM

saw this yesterday and immediately dove into the CSS to see how far behind the curve i am =)

great design!

Andy Budd said on November 7, 2003 5:47 PM

That just takes the cake.

Blog spam about fighting blog spam!

Mike Stenhouse said on November 7, 2003 9:11 PM

Yeah, This is Cereal has to be one of the best… I wish I’d thought of changing the headings to fit with the theme! He’s managed to give his design a real personality - distinctive and lush. Mmmmm.

Shaun Inman said on November 8, 2003 4:58 AM

Thanks for the kind words guys. I think I was sitting here in front of my computer one morning, no doubt perusing one (if not all) of your blogs over a bowl of Fruity Pebbles when I decided to do another entry. Prompted by Jon’s second submission and the character of Postage Paid I tried to do something out of character and attempt to marry consumer design and web design. Interface meets feeding your face as I explained it to Dave. Glad you all like it. Cheers! Love the site, Andy.

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