Woosh, arrhh | November 20, 2003

Got my pics back from fireworks night. I've never taken any firework pics before so am quite pleased. What do you think?

Lewes fireworks

Lewes fireworks

Lewes fireworks

Posted at November 20, 2003 10:46 PM


Josh said on November 20, 2003 11:04 PM

Sweet. Post bigger ones!

Ethan said on November 20, 2003 11:27 PM

Gorgeous stuff, Andy — please do post some more!

Tom said on November 21, 2003 1:22 AM

Brilliant! Love the colours. What camera did you use to take them?

Darice said on November 21, 2003 1:38 AM

Great pictures!
With New Year coming I’m planning to take some fireworks photo’s. Which settings did you use for these photo’s?

brian said on November 21, 2003 3:09 AM

The pictures are awesome. I wish I could take pictures that good, but alas I’m just a newbie.

Andy Budd said on November 21, 2003 8:25 AM

For details about my kit, have a read of this post.


To take the fireworks pics I had my camera set up on a tripod, had the aperture set to around 8 and the shutter speed set to bulb. For each volley of fireworks I’d open the shutter for between 5-30 sec (using a cable release) to catch a number of bursts. I also had a dark cloth which I’d occasionally drape over the lens to block out the light between bursts.

As I’d never done this before I did a Google and found a bunch of sites with good advice about taking firework pics.


As it happens most of the pics were slightly over exposed so I have to admit to setting the black level in Photshop to compensate.

webbie said on November 21, 2003 7:01 PM

Cool pics, please put some more if you have them, and also update your Picture gallery on your front page.



Steve said on July 5, 2005 12:38 PM

I really like your work. I took some shoits n=myself and they too are somewhat overexposed. I have photoshop elements but I am very new to this stuff. Could you explain how to set the black level?



Andy Budd said on July 5, 2005 1:46 PM

I had the camera on a tripod and set the shutter speed to bulb so it stayed open. I then covered the lens with a dark piece of cloth and removed it for each volley of fireworks. I captured 3-5 volleys per frame.

I don’t use a digital camera so the pics are a mixture of getting/guessing the correct exposure and then tweaking the curves in Photoshop.

Angel said on November 1, 2005 4:23 PM

Awesome pictures.. im new to photography but hopefully one day i can take pictures as good as those.

Regards Angel