London to Brighton Bike Race | May 11, 2004

My girlfriend has decided to do the London to Brighton bike race this year to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. As an example of a charity using the internet well, if you’ve registered for the event, you get your own sponsorship page on their site. You can email the link to your friends or post it up on your (or your boyfriends) website to get people to sponsor you. That’s what I call making the most of the web.

Posted at May 11, 2004 8:43 AM


How said on May 11, 2004 10:46 AM

I took part in the 2001 ride; it’s excellent fun despite the bloomin great hill at the end and the oddity that is traffic jams completely comprised of cyclists.

If you try really hard you can hit 60Mph + on the way down into Brighton…

Jake said on May 11, 2004 12:47 PM

It is a good idea, but it’s just badly executed. I am having a nightmare trying to collect donations using the sponsor page. By their own admission it’s “only a few months old” and not fully tested.

Richard Rutter said on May 11, 2004 2:10 PM

Trivial clarification, Andy: it’s a ‘ride’ not a ‘race’.

I did it a few years ago and it’s great fun, all 56 miles of it. Because 27,000 bikes form a massive peloton the riding is pretty easy, save for Ditchling Beacon, the bloomin great hill alluded at earlier, a mile long 1 in 5 climb. Bring it on!

Andy Budd said on May 11, 2004 10:19 PM

“Trivial clarification, Andy: it’s a ‘ride’ not a ‘race’.”

To you maybe ;-)

charles stuart said on May 12, 2004 6:34 PM

There’s also a charity ride happening in Sacramento, California on May 22 for World Medical Fund, a London (well, Pinner) based non-profit working for HIV/AIDS orphans in Malawi. The ride is called Bike for Life and matching funds are available. You don’t have to ride in order to take advantage of the matching funds.

Sorry for the shameless plug - but it is for orphans..