BBQ on the Beach | August 17, 2004

Message share an office with a couple of other design agencies, and once a year we all get together for a summer BBQ. Last Friday we shut up shop early, and with enough food and beer to supply a small army, headed down to the beach. In true British fashion it was blowing a gale, so the first task was to set up camp. This involved setting up windbreaks, unfolding deck chairs, laying out the food and starting the BBQ’s.

In typical British BBQ fashion, I hunched over the BBQ slowly burning the outside of my food, while the inside gently warmed, creating the food equivalent of a petri dish. British culture at it’s best. Once cooked we all sat round stuffing our faces, chatting, teasing other staff members and generally having a laugh.

The weather started off well, but in true British BBQ fashion, by the end it was chucking it down. Sheltering in a tiny beach hut with 10 people, 2 wet dogs and a toddler, it really was the epitome of British summertime. If you ever do have a BBQ in this country, even if it starts off with blazing sunshine, my advice would be to bring your waterproofs.

Posted at August 17, 2004 8:16 AM