dScape and BD4D | October 31, 2004

Local business development agency Wired Sussex put on a really good show with their dScape event this week. It’s the second time they’ve run the event and it looks to be going from strength to strength. The venue was decked out even better than last year and the free beer went down a treat.

The Short and Sharp session they had on Thursday was lots of fun and showcased a load of local talent, many who I’d never come across before. However that’s the problem with Brighton. There’s just so many cool digital companies working down here, it’s impossible to know everybody. I was lucky enough to have Ryan from BD4D staying at my place that evening so after the event we went out for a drink with Darren from Littleloud and the multi-talented Paul from StudioTonne

Friday evening saw Brighton’s second BD4D event and the reason why Ryan was down. BD4D was packed and the speakers were very different from the previous day. While the previous days speakers were showing off some great commercial work, the BD4D speakers were much more conceptual and art oriented. All the local faces were there and I had a great time hanging out and chatting with everybody. Sadly the free beer run out a little too early so I finished the off the evening hanging out with Ryan and Josh from LooseConnection at Above Audio on the sea front.

Posted at October 31, 2004 4:28 PM