The Incredibles | November 23, 2004

So after seeing the Incredibles game at the London Mac Expo on Saturday, I was keen to go see the movie. It doesn’t officially open in the UK till next weekend, but luckily our local Cinema was running preview screenings so I managed to catch it Sunday afternoon.

The Incredibles

Now while I was aware that it was Pixar’s latest offering I didn’t know much about the film. Coming from the same stable as Toy Story, Monsters Inc and more recently Finding Nemo I was pretty sure it would be good. However The Incredibles turned out to be quite a different film to it’s predecessors.

Pixar’s previous outings such as Nemo were essentially kids movies. Sure they had the smart jokes that only the parents would get, but they were primarily aimed at a younger audience. These movies created a fairy tale world and filled it with cute and lovable characters much like the Disney movies of our childhood. However The Incredibles is aimed at a much older and more film savvy audience. Rather than being a kids movie , The Incredibles plays like an action comedy and in that sense is much closer to films like Raiders of the Lost Ark. The movie has it’s funny moments but it also has it’s kick-ass action moments. At points you almost forget you’re watching an animated feature and you could just as easily be watching the latest Spiderman or X-Men film. In fact The Incredibles is a movie that could just as easily have been made using real life actors instead of CGI ones.

So if you’re wanting to see a movie at the weekend I’d highly recommend The Incredibles. If you go expecting the next Shrek you may be disappointed, but if you go expecting to see a smart, intelligent and funny action movie, you should have a great time. In the meantime–if you don’t mind the somewhat flakey Tomb Raider style controlls–why not download the demo and help Mr Incredible kick some butt.

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Brian Behrend said on November 24, 2004 3:29 AM

Yeah, I really enjoyed it too. I had to practically drag the girlfriend to see it, but we both were laughing the entire time and were thoroughly entertained.

Great action movie that definitely will get a sequel. Although I don’t know how that’ll work due to the Pixar vs. Disney issues.

Seth Thomas Rasmussen said on November 24, 2004 6:58 PM

Gah… everybody keeps talking about how amazing this film is. I will see it someday.

I’m really pissed that Primer left the local theatres so quickly though… >:-[

Michael Pate said on November 26, 2004 2:17 PM

A big part of the reason this film seemed so different than the previous Pixar productions was that it was directed by Brad Bird rather than in-house talent like John Lasseter or Andrew Stanton.

anton said on November 27, 2004 8:33 AM


Josh Johnson said on November 27, 2004 10:04 PM

In addition to the directorial change that Michael pointed out, this is the first Pixar film to get a PG rating instead of the de facto G.

I just saw the film, and I have to say it’s amazing not only from a technical standpoint, but that the storytelling was superb. I’d expect nothing less though since Brad Bird (of Iron Giant fame) was leading the charge. I actually find his work both in Iron Giant and here in the Incredibles to be far better than Shrek, but maybe that’s just me.