Conferences and Events for 2006 | August 7, 2006

This year looks set to be a busy one for me conference wise. The year began in full force at SXSWi 2006 and was quickly followed by @media. Patrick has just released the podcast of my @media talk, so if you’re interested, go check it out.

I really wanted to go to reboot 8.0 but sadly couldn’t make it as I was moving into my new flat the weekend before. However Jeremy went and had a fantastic time, so it’s already in my diary for next year. Luckily I was able to speak at the very first WSG London meeting which turned out to be an excellent event.

d.Contruct 2006 is just around the corner and while I’m not speaking at the event, I will be running around frantically taking photos and making sure everything runs smoothly.

A couple of weeks later I’ll be jetting over to Dallas to speak at the Webmaster Jam Session. This is a brand new event from the folks at CoffeeCup software, and with a fantastic line-up of speakers, it looks set to be an excellent event. So if you’re in and around the Dallas area, I hope to see you there.

I’ve been asked to speak at the ShiFT conference in Lisbon on the 28th Sep. I’d love to go but am still debating whether I’ll be able to make it so soon after Dallas. On at the same time is Web Directions in Sydney. I absolutely love Australia and have been bugging the organisers for an invite for years. Sadly I haven’t manage to wear them down yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next year. In the meantime you’ll have to put up with of Jeremy Keith, Andy Clarke and a host of other great speakers.

In Oct I’m scheduled to speak at XTech WebDev London with the likes of Jeremy Keith, Tom Coates and Matt Biddulph. The event is billed as “essential web developer training” and I’ll be running a session on building standards compliant user interfaces. This conference will be more training focused than most, so it should be a very useful event. I also have another event provisionally booked in Oct, and I’ll let you know more when details have been announced.

Last, but by no means least, I’m going to be speaking at Refresh06 in Orlando on the 17th Nov. Born out of the refresh events springing up all over the world, Refresh 06 is the first organised conference. With an eclectic line-up of speakers and a family friendly location, it should be a fun event. I’ve never been to Florida before, let alone Orlando, so am really looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll have a couple of days free to see some of the attractions like Disney World and the Cape Kennedy Space Centre.

If that’s not enough, the late breaking news is that BarCamp London is finally going ahead. After lots of false starts, Yahoo! stepped up to the plate and offered their London office as the venue. Space is limited and there were only 30 places left at the time of writing. So if you want to come along, you’d better get over there straight away.

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trovster said on August 8, 2006 8:16 AM

Don’t forget Geek in the Park, on the 27th August 2006: A day-long picnic and discussion for anyone to do with the Internet, taking place in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK. With speakers Bruce Lawson and Patrick H Lauke.

Matthew Alberty said on August 10, 2006 10:21 PM

Andy, it is great that you are getting to speak at so many different conferences. I had the honor of hearing you at SXSW in March and I was impressed. Unfortunately I am not able to attend SXSW 2007. Would be a good alternative? Could you recommend some other conferences that have similiar topics? I am in Houston, TX so the closer to me the better. Thanks!

Fuzzy Orange said on August 14, 2006 10:04 AM

Thanks for posting the link to the podcast, I listened to it at work and learnt quite a bit from it! Are there any other podcasts or video streams of your talks?

cindy li said on August 15, 2006 8:58 PM

I’ll be at Refresh 06 in Orlando! I’ll see you there btw.. we’re going to go to a WWF event. Interested? :D

Giovanni Gallucci said on September 25, 2006 4:03 AM

Photos from Coffee Cup Software’s Webmaster Jam Session are being posted on my flickr account. You can find the link to my photos at

Podcasts will be posted at either or (location depends on the content of the session).

The photos are open source! Use at will…just throw me some link love :-)