Before, During and After d.Construct | September 1, 2006

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d.Construct is only a week away, so I hope you’ve managed to get your accommodation sorted. If not, there are plenty of cheap hotels and B&Bs in Brighton to choose from. Alternatively you could try Lewes or Shoreham, which are a just short train or bus ride away.

If you are staying in Brighton on Thursday night, you’ll probably want to share a drink or two with your fellow attendees. People have already been discussing possible venues, but to make things simpler we’ve done the organising for you. Clearleft have reserved a private room at Heist on Western Road for a pre-event social. So we hope to see you there from 7pm onwards.

Registration for d.Construct opens at 9am on the Friday, so make sure you arrive nice and early. We are expecting queues so please be patient. There are no tickets for d.Construct so simply bring some ID and you’ll be able to collect your conference pass on the door. Once inside we’ll be serving tea, coffee and snacks to make sure you’re wide awake for the days festivities.

There will be FREE wifi at the event, so you can check your emails, live blog the event or hang out on the backnetwork. However please don’t hog the bandwidth by downloading the latest torrents. That’s just naughty!

There will be tea and coffee breaks throughout the day, but lunch is down to you. There are loads of restaurants and eateries near the venue, so go wild. Just make sure you’re back in time for Aral Balkan mashing his Flex up!. Suw Charmin has suggested organising an informal Open Rights Group meet-up during lunch. If you fancy doing something similar, feel free.

After the conference is over I hope you’ll all be sticking around for the after party. There will be FREE (as in beer) food (as in nibbles) and drinks (as in beer and wine) at the Terraces, courtesy of snipperoo. Space is limited, so get there early to avoid disappointment.

If you’re planning on staying in Brighton for the weekend, OpenStreetMap are organising a Brighton Mapping Workshop on Saturday which should be lots of fun. There isn’t anything planned for Saturday evening yet, but feel free to post suggestions on your blogs and use the fantastic backnetwork to sort something out.

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Simon said on September 1, 2006 7:43 AM

Hi there,

It’s a great idea, this is what makes conferences so interesting. The speeches are nice but the interaction with the people is the reason why I go.

The get together in Brighton is nice but we’ll be arriving at London on Thursday evening (the Eurostar from Brussels just doesn’t get to Brighton) and we’ll take the train to Brighton on Friday morning (way too early). Anyone up for a drink in London at Thursday evening?

trovster said on September 1, 2006 9:07 AM

Oops, I still need to book a room for Thursday night. However, although I’d like to stay for all on Friday night and look around Brighton on Sunday (it’s a long way, I might as well make use of it) I’ve gotta get back for a Multipack meeting in Nottingham!

Jeremy Keith said on September 1, 2006 11:02 AM

I’ve added the Thursday evening meetup in Heist to Upcoming:

Add your name there if you can make it.

Lee said on September 13, 2006 3:52 PM

Just like to say what a great day I had at d.construct! Great work.. Learnt so much in such a short time and can’t wait for next year!
If you interested I did blog my day here..

Be aware its using my own blog app which is very much in a beta stage..