dConstruct tickets, workshops and podcasts. Oh Boy! | July 10, 2007

dConstruct tickets went on sale this morning at 11am BST and literally flew off the shelves. 200 tickets were sold in the first 10 minutes, and an hour later, there were only about 100 tickets left out of 600. Sales have now slowed to a steady pace, but we estimate they will all be gone by lunchtime tomorrow. So if you want to come along, you’d better get your skates on.

If you don’t know about dConstruct, it’s a little conference we run down in Brighton each year. Unlike most conferences that have roughly the same theme each year, we try to mix things up a little and focus on current industry trends. So for dConstruct 2005 we were discussing web apps, while dConstruct 2006 focused on APIs and Mash-ups. This year, we’ve taken a slightly less technical focus, and will be discussing how to design the user experience.

We’ve got some amazing speakers lined up including the likes of Jared Spool, Tom Coates and Peter Merholz. MediaTemple will be getting everybody in the mood at the warm-up party, while the BBC and Yahoo are arranging a great post-event bash. We’ve got Jon Hicks designing the tickets/programs, and the obligatory conference bags will be sporting a custom design by Kevin Cornell of Bearskinrug fame. The ever popular Backnetwork will also be making a reappearance this year.

New this year are a series of pre-event workshops. Three of the workshops have already sold out, and the microformats workshop won’t be far behind.

To get you all in the mood for the event, our roving reporter, Jeremy Keith, has been recording a series of podcasts with speakers, sponsors and attendees from dConstruct past, present and future. The latest edition is an interview with the lovely folks at LastFM, who will be heading down to dConstruct this September to say hi. And lastly, all the sessions from previous events are still online, if you’d like to relive the dConstruct experience.

I’m stoked by the response we’ve had around dConstruct so far, and am really looking forward to the 7th of September. Let the good times roll.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Me | July 1, 2007

  1. I can eat and breathe fire
  2. I was flying planes solo before I was old enough to drive
  3. I’ve dived on an active, underwater volcano
  4. I lived in a tent for a whole summer while surfing in Devon
  5. I helped set up a dive shop in Thailand when I was 27

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