Mental Models Workshop with Indi Young | April 25, 2008

If you don’t know Indi Young, she’s one smart cookie. As one of the co-founders of Adaptive Path she spent 5 years working alongside the likes of Jeff Veen, Dan Saffer and Peter Merholtz on a variety of diverse and challenging projects. Indi left Adaptive Path in 2006 to work on her new book, Mental Models, which was recently published by Rosenfeld Media. We got a copy in the office a few months back and haven’t put it down since.

The book is about user centred design, but it takes a much more scientific approach than most. By looking at the field of cognitive psychology, Indi has developed a series of mental models which help explain typical user behaviour. By understanding these models and designing around then, it’s possible to create more effective, satisfying and meaningful experiences. Experiences that match the users goals with the goals of the site or service.

Indi dropped us a line the other week to say she was heading over to the UK in June. We couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste so we twisted her arm to come down to Brighton and run a workshop. If you’re interested in information architecture, usability and user centred design you really don’t want to miss this workshop. We’ve only got a limited number of tickets and I think they are going to go fast. So I highly recommend you grab a place while you can.

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