dConstruct Tickets Are Go! | June 24, 2008

Just a quick note that tickets for dConstruct 2008 went on sale at 11am BST this morning. It’s now 2:30pm and we’ve got around 135 tickets left. We’ve got some great people like Steven Johnson, Daniel Burka and Joshua Porter speaking this year, so it should be a lot of fun. So if you want to come along I recommend popping along now to secure your ticket.

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Win a Free Ticket to dConstruct | June 13, 2008

To win a free ticket to dConstruct simply grab the code for one of our customisable buttons, add your own image and upload it to your website. Next, take a screen grab of your button and post it to our flicker group. The best button posted added by the evening of the 30th June, as voted by ourselves, will win a complimentary pass to the event. It’s as simple as that.

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dConstruct Workshops | June 13, 2008

As well as a great line-up of speakers we’ve got some amazing workshops at this year’s dConstruct. We only launched them a couple of days ago, but several of them are already half full, so we expect them to sell out a lot faster than they did last year. I think people have realised that the workshops are one of the best was to guarantee a place at dConstruct, which typically sells out in under 24 hours. However I think it’s mostly down to the fantastic people we’ve got running these workshops. It’s just a shame that I can’t see them all!

First up we have Lane Becker, Thor Muller and Leslie Chicoine from Get Satisfaction running a session on building and managing online communities. They will cover everything from the effect design can have on community growth and behaviour, through to community managers and dealing with unhappy campers.

Following on from this we have Daniel Burka and Mark Trammell from Digg on how to scale your designs when your community becomes a success. Daniel and Mark will look at things like performance tips, designing for unknown numbers of users and how to grow your site over time. If you’re involved in developing or managing social networks of any size or scale, these two workshops will be a perfect accompaniment.

For the more user experienced focused we have an excellent workshop from Joshua Porter on how to design sites that encourage social participation by using the insights we’ve learned from social psychology. Drawing from year of experience as a consultant at UIE and his amazing new book, Designing for the Social Web, this is the workshop you’ll find me hiding in the back of.

Last, but most definitely not least, our very own Richard Rutter and James Box will build on the excellent session they gave at SXSW and run a workshop on the practical aspects of architecting social websites. More specifically, how we can create wireframes and interactive prototypes in a world that has moved away from static pages and towards fully featured online applications.

So if you want to come to one of these workshops I’d defiantly recommend getting over there now, before it’s too late!

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dConstruct 2008 FTW! | June 6, 2008

If you haven’t already heard, we quietly launched the dConstruct 2008 website at the start of the week. So if you’ve not seen the latest incarnation yet, I suggest you pop along to take a look.


The conference itself will be take place on Friday the 5th of September, back at the
Dome in sunny Brighton. And like last year, we’ll be hosting a series of practical workshops in the run-up to the event.

Rather than putting on the same show with the same people year after year, we try to mix things up by focussing on a specific theme. One that we feel sums up the current industry (buzzword alert) zeitgeist. So in previous years we’ve covered the meaning of web 2.0 (it’s the sound of one hand clapping), the importance of open data and the art of experience design. This year we’ve decided to turn our attention to the social web.

We’ve got an amazing line-up of speakers this year, all of whom will be asking the question ‘what makes the web social?’ We’ve got author, web entrepreneur and veteran TED speaker, Steven Johnson, kicking things off with a wide-ranging discourse on how communities form and ideas spread. We’ve got Guardian podcaster Aleks Krotoski looking at the psychology of game play while the Internet’s Joshua Porter will show us how these theories can be applied to the web. Using his experience working on Digg and Pownce, Daniel Burka will explain how we can use design for social interaction while limiting negative behaviour, while Tantek Çelik will examine the growing importance of social network portability. We’ve then got the guys from Dopplr showing how they brought all these ideas together to form a complete ecosystem of feeds, widgets and APIs. Wrapping the day up we have our very own Jeremy Keith with a high-brow look at what it means to be social in an always-on, networked world. Expect lots of big words and event bigger concepts.

Of course it’s not all talk, talk, talk. The hallway conversations are just as important as the sessions, so you’ll have plenty of time to meet your fellow delegates and chat with the speakers. As well as nice long breaks we’ve got two great parties full of networking (aka drinking) opportunities. Incidentally we’re still finalising sponsorship, so if your company wants to buy everybody beer, please let me know.

The event has got a lot bigger and (hopefully) better organised since the first one we ran in a converted church hall back in 2005. However we still strive to maintain that community spirited, grassroots feel we’ve come to be known for. dConstruct is all about the people, so we hope you’ll help get the word out by posting buttons on your site and blogging about the event.

As you’re probably aware dConstruct is hugely popular and tickets sell out in a matter of hours. Tickets go on sale from 11am on Tuesday the 24th June and are a snip at £125 inc. VAT. So if you want to come along I recommend you set a reminder in your diary, cancel your meetings and get your browsers at the ready. Either that or subscribe to our events feed ☺

And if you just can’t wait to buy a ticket, there is a sneaky way to jump the queue. We’ll be opening registration for our workshops next week, and each attendee gets complimentary entrance to the conference as well. Neat huh?

So I hope you’re all as excited about the event as we are and I look forward to seeing you in Brighton in September.

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