Clearleft is Hiring | August 26, 2009

For those of you who missed my Twitter message earlier this week, Clearleft is looking for a top of their game front-end developer to join our happy little team in sunny Brighton.

If this sounds like you drop us a line and we’d love to hear more.

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dConstruct Time Capsule Project Win VIP Tickets! | August 7, 2009

The theme for dConstruct this year is “designing for tomorrow”. This got us thinking about what cultural objects or experiences may not be around in the future. The kind of things that future digital archeologists may uncover and showcase in museums or write hypothesis about their place in naughties culture.

We had our own ideas, ranging from obvious things like Twitter, Facebook and the iPhone, to slightly more obscure things like the mass of wires and adapters than plague our digital lives, or the fact that you have to carry a piece of card on a train to prove your right to travel. However we wanted to hear from you, so we started the dConstruct Time Capsule Project.

The idea is simple. Grab a photo of an interesting object, experience or cultural phenomenon and post it up to flicker with the tag dconstructcapsule.

As an extra special inducement, the best submission will win a VIP ticket to dConstruct, which includes 2 nights free accommodation in our speakers hotel, along with attendance to the exclusive speakers dinner.

To interrogate your flicker feed or grab your camera and start snapping.

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