Star Wars Plot Summary [Spoilers] | December 17, 2015

Early in the movie we’re introduced to a young orphan eking out a living on a dust-bowl of a planet. This orphan comes in contact with a friendly and charismatic droid who has just escaped from a big battle with the forces of evil. The droid is carrying secret plans which need to be returned to the rebel base. The young orphan meets a wise guardian who was once a significant figure in the rebellion, along with a wise cracking foil and a wookie named Chewbacca. Together they attempt to return the friendly droid to it’s owners.

The orphan turns out to be talented pilot and starts showing an interest in the force. Later the orphan inherits a “lightsaber” that used to be owned by a young Jedi named “Skywalker”. Unfortunately the stormtroopers track them down to an exotic cantina inhabited by all kinds of strange creatures, and a shoot-out ensues. Our main protagonists escape on the Millennium Falcon, a ship which did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, and head towards the rebel base.

At the same time the female lead is captured by a masked enemy versed in the dark side of the force, and is taken to a giant weapon the size of a planet where she is tortured for information. The plant sized weapon destroys a number of planets before honing in on the rebel base.

Having experienced the destructive power of this weapon, our heroes go in search of the female lead. While our wise-cracking foil helps our female lead escape, the wise guardian attempts to shut off the field generators. In the process we marvel at the lack on safety barriers on battle station bridges and wonder about the general health and safety aspects of being a stormtrooper. Once the generators have been disabled, our wise guardian comes face to face with the masked enemy, while the other heroes look on helpless. The wise guardian is struck down by the evil lords lightsaber in a failed attempt to redeem his soul. Our heroes fight their way off the battle station and escape to the rebel base.

The brave pilots of the rebellion mount a raid on the planet sized battle station, flying their X-wings down canyons, fending off tie-fighters, while being shot at by cannons. It’s all very exciting. Our brave pilot manages to destroy the weapon seconds before it can destroy the last rebel base, but not before the evil lord manages to escape. Everybody celebrates.

Throughout this adventure, our young orphan has developed an impressive control over the force, which they presumably inherited from their mysterious parents. In order to learn about these powers, the orphan sets off to a distant planet to meet the last remaining Jedi and become a Jedi Knight themselves.

The End

Posted at December 17, 2015 3:01 PM