Andy specialises in advising early stage startups from idea to Series A (and beyond)

Andy is a Venture Partner at Seedcamp — one of Europe's most successful seed funds — where he helps startups scale their business to £1M ARR and beyond. A product person at heart, Andy is particularly interested in the areas of Product-Led Growth and Product-Market Fit. When he's not supporting Seedcamp's portfolio companies, Andy has capacity to advise a small number of ambitious startups.

How Andy helps early stage startups

Andy helps ambitious start-up founders (and their teams) in a number of different ways.

Coming from design and product background, Andy is the perfect person to provide early product feedback. Does the proposition make sense to both users and potential investors? Do you have the right ICP? Is it clear where the value lies? Can users get at that value quick enough? Do you have the right growth loops in place? And can you bake your product into your users workflow to keep them coming back?

One thing that founders often struggle with is their Go To Market Strategy or GTM. Are you going to lean into sales or marketing (or follow a product-led) approach to growth? How are you going to land those first 10, 100, 1000 users and scale up from there? Is your website copy effective? Have you figured out the right acquisition channels? Do you have the right GTM team in place?

Once usage is growing Andy loves helping founders optimise their product to improve acquisition, activation and retention. How do you know what to build next? Do you have the right people in the right seats? Are you moving fast enough? Where are things starting to break down and what new processes do you need in place?

These are all areas Andy can help you with so why not get in touch?

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Fundraising support

Andy has helped dozens of startups raise tens of millions of dollars at Seed and Series A. As such, one of the easiest ways to engage with Andy is to get his help with your fundraising strategy. He can review your memo or pitch deck and provide feedback from an investor perspective. He can also review your other materials like your data room and investor CRM. If you want he can also run a few demo pitches to make sure your message and delivery are property stress tested in advance. For more information, check out this article on crafting the perfect pitch deck.

Crafting The Perfect Pitch Deck (From A VCs Point Of View)

Board work

It's common for investors to request board seats. To balance this out founders will often look to apoint an independent board member or two. Andy has held roles as a board observer, board advisor and non-executive director. If you're looking for a seasoned entrepreneur with product, growth and investor experience to join your board, let's chat.

Let's Chat

Andy Budd has been an exceptional advisor and coach for Butter. He's incredibly helpful, always proactive, quick to respond - and most importantly: just a lovely human being. He knows everyone in the design world, and has helped us connect with relevant people in even the largest of organisations! I cannot recommend Andy highly enough!

Jakob Knutzen Jakob Knutzen Butter

Andy's advice has been super helpful in shaping my thinking around Graphy. Andy is famous in product circles, but as a successful founder, I've also loved his take on everything from GTM strategy to company building. I'd happily recommend him to other founders.

Andrey Vinitsky Andrey Vinitsky Graphy