On Habit and Self Reliance

I learnt to dive the PADI way, safe in the knowledge that my "buddy" would be there to help if I needed them. So if I was struggling to get my fins on they'd steady me, if I got caught in some fishing line they'd untangle me, and in the unlikely event that I ran out of air, we could breath from the same source. The "buddy system" provides a great comfort blanket and makes recreational diving that much safer.

Could the movies of your youth be made today?

Looking back, my adolescence seems like a halcyon time, devoid of mobile phones and status updates. Heading into the big city was an adventure into the unknown, and even something as mundane as meeting up with friends was fraught with uncertainty and excitement.

How Tower Bridge Changed My Relationship With Twitter

Like many geeks in the UK, the Tower Bridge Twitter account was one of the first Twitter Mashups I'd seen. It was also the point where I realised that Twitter was more than just a simple communication tool; it was a powerful and scriptable platform.

Is there a right way to use Twitter?

There are a handful of people who follow me on Twitter who continually moan about the way I use the service. Some complain when I tweet about what I've eaten, who I've met or what I've done that day. Others complain when I use Gowalla or Foursquare to announce my location or post a stream of consciousness on a topic that is currently bugging me.

Information Anxiety

One of the problems of working in the knowledge economy is the constant need to keep abreast of current trends and thinking. This would be fine if you worked in a mature industry or one with a limited number of books, papers and conferences appearing each year. However in the knowledge economy of the web, more information is being published every day than could be consumed in a year. What's more, that pace is increasing.

Generation Y-pay

After trying to convince us that we're "funding terrorism":, "equating us to petty thieves": and "calling us cheapskates":, the UK film and TV industry have decided to take "a more positive response": I'm surprised it's taken them so long to realise "people see the weakness in their arguments": and that "their actions may actually be having the reverse affect":